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Can a Ford Raptor Fit in a Car Wash?

Can a Ford Raptor Fit in a Car Wash

The Ford Raptor is a beefy truck compared to its smaller counterparts. If you are trying to fit it into a car wash, then you might run into issues. It’s highly suggested that you do not drive a Ford Raptor through your standard automatic car wash.

One issue the Ford Raptor has with fitting inside a carwash is the tires. There is a possibility that the oversized tires will not be able to fit on the tire track located on the inside of most automatic carwashes.

Another factor that makes it hard for a Raptor to go through a car wash is the size of the body. In comparison, it is just one inch narrower than a Hummer H1.

What Happens if You Take a Ford Raptor Through a Car Wash?

There is a high chance that you will be unable to enter a car wash due to the size of your truck. If you drive the vehicle through the carwash, you run the danger of causing damage to the vehicle and equipment as well as issues for the employees who are working at the carwash.

It is crucial to do your homework of the car wash location you are planning on visiting. This will prevent a lot of time wasted and potential damages when you find out that your truck will not be able to fit through their car wash.

However, there are certain car washes that can accept larger automobiles. Ford has even made a note in the truck’s user guide.

Examining the user guide, it is recommended that you do not drive your vehicle through an automatic commercial car wash due to the width and track of the vehicle’s tires.

If you absolutely need to use an automated car wash, do so with caution. 

How Do You Clean a Ford Raptor?

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It is strongly advised that you hand wash your Ford Raptor rather than utilizing a vehicle wash.

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What Cars Can’t Go Through a Carwash?

Here is a list of some of the typical vehicles that can’t be washed in a conventional carwash:

  • Trucks/vans with ladders
  • Vehicles with excessive mud
  • Vehicles with tires bigger than 12.5″
  • Vehicles are 5″ or lower on the ground
  • Full-size Hummers, Ford Raptors, Nissan NV
  • Vehicles with permanently affixed, tripod-style mirrors
  • Vehicles at a height greater than 83″

Is a Raptor Bigger Than an F-150?

The similarities and differences between the two vehicles are readily apparent even upon first inspection. Ford Raptors are not only bigger, but they are wider and taller than the standard F-150.


The appearance of the F-150 is understated and functional, but the Raptor has a more aggressive body structure that is unmistakably designed for off-roading.

The outside of the Raptor incorporates skid plates that are both tough and durable, in addition to heavy-duty running boards, which together assist to protect the truck’s engine as well as other critical components. On its massive grille, the word “FORD” is written in a big font.

This pickup truck has beefy bumpers both in front of and behind the vehicle, in addition to flared fenders, which provide the body with a smidgen of additional defense.

Performance Differences

When it comes to how well they operate, these two vehicles couldn’t be more different from one another. There is just one engine option available for the Ford Raptor, and it is a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that is mated to a 10-speed automated gearbox.

This robust engine generates up to 450 horsepower and has the highest torque rating in its class at 510 pound-feet.

Suspension System

In addition, as standard equipment, the Raptor has a four-wheel-drive system as well as an independent front suspension.

The long-travel suspension system has a front suspension travel of 13 inches and a rear suspension travel of 13.9 inches. These measurements were chosen to assist drivers in clearing the debris that is often encountered on off-road routes.

This pickup truck has beefy bumpers both in front of and behind the vehicle, in addition to flared fenders, which provide the body with a smidgen of additional defense.

Overall, these features make the Ford Raptor a bigger and better performing truck than the F-150

How Much Does a Ford Raptor Cost?

The Ford Raptor R’s basic price is set at $109,145. Adding on upgrades to the truck will significantly raise the price over base.

The Raptor R has the Shelby-sourced 5.2-liter, 700-horsepower motor as well as a number of other improvements to ensure performance and reliability both on and off the road.

Final Thoughts

Instead of taking your Ford Raptor through a carwash, you might consider washing it by hand instead. It’s a safer option, and you won’t have any regrets about making that decision later on.

There is a possibility that the Ford Raptor tires on your vehicle will not be able to fit on the tire track located within the drive-through carwash.

In addition to that, the Raptor has a body that is rather broad. It is just one inch narrower than the Hummer H1, and as a result, it is likely that your Raptor will not be able to fit inside a regular commercial carwash owing to its width. This is due to the fact that the Hummer H1 is wider than the Raptor.

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