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Can a Papasan Chair Fit in a Car? (Explained) 

will a papasan chair fit in a car

A papasan chair is a great mix of comfort, elegance, and practicality. Easily adjustable, they make an excellent addition to the living room – but how do you get it home in the first place? Can a papasan fit in a car?

Yes, you can fit a papasan in a car, although the diameter of the chair is going to be the most difficult part. Typically, it will be 35 to 60 inches wide and about 35 inches deep, so a lot will depend on the size that you choose and your overall trunk space.

Today we’ll explore the subject in a little more detail, so that you’ll have the facts that you need to get that beautiful, new papasan chair out of the showroom and at home, where it belongs!

What Is the Standard Size of a Papasan Chair?

The standard size of a papasan chair usually falls into the dimensions of 35 – 60 inches broad/wide, and around 35 inches deep. In most cases, the base will come off, along with the cushion, so that you can store it for travel and only need to worry about the width.

Usually if you have too much in the trunk, you can tilt and fit it in the backseat if you need to.

Can a Papasan Chair Fit in a Car?

Yes, papasan chairs might be a tight fit in smaller cars with less trunk space, but you can usually get them in using the trunk or a combination of the trunk and the backseat space, with the passenger seat flipped forward if you absolutely need it.

With larger cars, it’s even easier, so unless your car is extremely compact then you should have a fairly easy time getting your papasan home.

How Much Space Does a Papasan Chair Take Up?

It depends on your model, but the width will determine the square inches of space which it will occupy in the home – with 2 inches added. So, a 45 inch diameter papasan is going to need 4 square inches of space.

 They’re quite compact, and it’s part of the appeal – you’ve got adjustable comfort that looks good and doesn’t need much space at all.  

Cars That Can Fit a Papasan Chair

Most cars will be able to fit a papasan, provided that they have a minimum of 26 cubic feet of trunk space. Here are a few good examples of compatible cars for you:

  • Buick Encore – 26 cubic feet (your minimum)
  • Ford C-MAX (Hybrid SE) – 28 cubic feet
  • Toyota Prius – 28.4 cubic feet
  • Infiniti QX50 – 31.5 cubic feet (with seats up, 65 when down)
  • Jaguar Pace – 31.5 cubic feet with seats up
  • Ford Bronco Sport – 32.5 cubic feet space (seats-up)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan – 33 cubic feet with seats up, 65.7 when folded down
  • Ford Escape – 37.5 cubic feet (65.4 with seats down)
  • Honda CR-V – 38 cubic feet
  • Nissan Rogue – 39.3 cubic feet

As long as you can hit that minimum, you can use the trunk, but there are other methods we’ll describe in the next section, just in case it’s going to be a bit tight!

How to Put a Papasan Chair in Your Car

If you have the minimum 26 cubic feet of space inside your trunk, then loading up the papasan is fairly simple. You can typically detach the base and put that in first, with a layer of blanket placed over it, followed by the ‘bowl’ portion that hosts the cushion.

Additional padding may be added to keep it firmly in place and be sure to close the trunk lid slowly, making sure that there will be no issues.

You may be able to put the bowl portion into your back seat if it’s looking like too tight a fit, simply push the passenger seat forward and down and place a little padding in the empty space to help keep the bowl from shifting or otherwise moving.

In a worst-case scenario, you can just strap it to the roof, but you’ll want to lay down a blanket first to avoid scratching and when you secure it, don’t use elastic – standard rope only!

This will secure it into place so that it doesn’t move, but if you use elastic then it can shift and as the furniture is very light, this is a recipe for disaster. So be sure to use rope ONLY.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Papasan Chairs the Same Size?

No, not all papasans are the same size. With standard ones, the width limit is usually 60 inches, so you’ll require 62 square inches of space in your home or in the cargo space you’ll be using to get it home.

The base will typically have a 35 inch height, but always doublecheck before you buy, just in case the one you like is a little different.  

Do Papasan Chairs Come Apart?

Usually, yes, but there are always exceptions, so be sure to ask your furniture vendor if the papasan has a removable base so that you can get a good idea of the space that will be needed to take it home.

As they are fairly light and easy to transport, it’s also actually worth it to ask the vendor if they deliver.

With small furniture such as this, if you are worried and the delivery fee is slight, it’s well-worth the peace of mind to simply have it delivered to you, so that you know it will be whole once it arrives and you set it up.

Final Thoughts

We’ve talked about whether or not a papasan can fit in a car and as you can see, in most cases it should fit in there fine. 26 cubic feet of trunk space is the minimum, but you’ve also got workarounds that you can use.

If needed, you can strap it to the roof with a blanket to prevent scratching and regular rope – not elastic – to secure it into place. Check the backseat first, however, as you might be able to fit the wide bowl inside with the passenger seat pushed down and forward.

Just be sure to go with a model where the base will detach so that you aren’t stuck moving an entire piece that won’t collapse. Most papasans will be like this, but always doublecheck. Provided that you do and that you have the minimum space, you’ll get that papasan home and ready to enjoy in no time flat!

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