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What Is Subaru Super Coolant? (Explained)

what is subaru super coolant

Subaru Super Coolant is a blue colored propriety coolant created by Subaru. It is specially formulated for long-lasting corrosion and rust protection for all of the vehicles cooling system components.

Subaru Super Coolant is designed to last up to 11 years, or 137,500 miles, whichever comes first. This type of coolant was pre-installed in vehicles starting from 2008 production onwards. The majority of vehicles before 2008 came with their green colored long-lasting formula.

Subaru’s long-lasting coolant was rated good for up to 3 years, or 36,000 miles. Pre 2008 vehicles was a tough time for Subaru as many of the 2.5L engines suffered from head gasket leaks which caused the engines to burn coolant. This formula had additional additives to help with coolant seepage and leaks.

What Is Subaru Super Coolant Made Of?

The most common antifreeze that are used in vehicles will either be made with propylene glycol or ethylene glycol.

Subaru Super Coolant and their Long Life Coolant both contain ethylene glycol, as well as certain amounts of diethylene glycol, and a propriety blend of corrosion inhibitors.

Is Subaru Super Coolant Premixed?

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The majority of coolant on the market comes premixed. The most common coolant to water ratio in antifreeze is anywhere from 33%-50%.

Subaru Super Coolant comes premixed at a ratio of 50/50. On the front of the bottle they discretely say to not add any water to the coolant as it is already ready as is. Adding any additional water can dilute the coolant more than what is intended which can cause alter its longevity in your car.

The only kind of mixing you should be doing at all, is mixing this coolant with their long lasting coolant. However, if you do this, your coolant will only have the longevity of the long lasting coolant which is 3 years or 36,000 miles.

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Does Subaru Super Coolant Expire?

Subaru Super Coolant will last indefinitely in a sealed container. Once the container has been opened, you can expect a shelf life of about the same amount of time as the life expectancy of the coolant you are using.

In this case with Subaru Super Coolant, you can expect the shelf life of the opened container to be 10 years. Remember to always store your excess coolant in a sealed container to prevent any type of contamination.

If you haven’t reached 136,000 miles driven with this coolant in your vehicle, and it has been at least 10 years, the coolant should be replaced as it is no longer considered good.

Can You Mix Subaru Super Coolant with Other Coolant?

The main differences between the two coolants is that the Super Coolant is pre-mixed, while the Long Life Coolant is not pre-mixed.

Mixing both the green and blue coolants together will force you to have to abide by the interval change for the Long Life Coolant since it has a shorter change interval at 36,000 miles.

If your vehicle came with blue coolant, and you kept the blue coolant in it, you would be able to keep the 136,000 mile interval.

If you were to mix it with anything other than the Subaru Super Coolant, you would then need to drop down the service interval to 36,000 miles.

Nothing bad will happen if you mix the coolants together, the only difference is the service interval.

If you want to only have blue coolant in your system, and it is currently mixed, you will need to perform a full coolant flush and refill your vehicles system with only blue coolant.

Does Subaru Require Special Coolant?

Subaru does not require that you use their coolant in their vehicles, but it is highly recommended. This coolant was specifically designed for their cars to provide the most protection and longevity to the engines cooling system.

Every single vehicle manufacturer has developed their own type of coolant which is unique to their year and model of car, and this is no different with Subaru.

Subaru Super Coolant is required for use with all warranty repairs, which means this is the standard coolant that will be used in any dealership that works on your car.

What Is Special About Subaru Super Coolant?

Specially Formulated for Subaru Vehicles

Subaru’s Super Coolant has been formulated for all their 2008 and newer model cars. This coolant was specifically designed with their hardware and head gaskets in mind. It will reduce wear and tear along with corrosion inside of the cooling systems.

Lasts 10 Years/136,000 Miles

Subaru claims that their Subaru Super Coolant does not have to be changed for at least 10 years or 136,000 miles driven. One important thing to note is to not mix this coolant with any other form of coolant.

Mixing Subaru Super Coolant with other coolant formulas will severely degrade the longevity and purity and is not recommended.

Cold Weather Protection

Subaru Super coolant provides cold weather protection of up to -50°C.

Protects Against Corrosion

Using this coolant alone negates the need to add any additional corrosion inhibitors.

Final Thoughts

Subaru Super Coolant is a propriety antifreeze formula that was created for use in 2008 Subaru Models and above, starting with the WRX STI.

The term Super Coolant is used due to this coolant being able to last up to 10 years or 136,000 miles. The life expectancy of this coolant is almost triple that of other coolants that are on the market.

On top of lasting a very long time, there are also special corrosion inhibitors added to their formula that help prevent wear and tear on the internals of their vehicles. The mixing of different coolants with Subaru Super Coolant is not advised as it will severely hinder its effectiveness and life cycle.

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